Liquid Diet

by Chaotically Zen

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The debut and double album of Chaotically Zen.

Dedicated to the memory of Gordon Doughart (1977-2014).


released June 30, 2015

Cory Ellis:
Lead vox; Electric, acoustic, & bass guitars. Lyrics on all tracks.

Lex Law:
Hammond B3, Hammond M-100, Rhodes Piano, Roland VK-8 organs; Backing vox.

Jackson Doughart:
Drums, Percussion, Backing vox.

Kurt MacLeod:
Violin, Backing vox.

Andrea Clements:

Thomas Stajcer:
Engineering, Audio mix.

Jonathan Lapointe:

Jesse Stright:
Composition co-credits on "Government Speed" and "Where Have You Been?"

Andy MacLeod:
Composition co-credit on "Lullaby".

Chandler Moase:
Cover art.


all rights reserved



Chaotically Zen Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Chaotically Zen was founded in 2014 on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Inspired by music like The Doors and Bill Withers, they deliver a hypnotic, blues-rock sound in their original songs. Check out their debut album "Liquid Diet" on Bandcamp.

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Track Name: Out of the Blue
I hold all your secrets
I still do
Your ice wall melted free
Because of my fire

You are the mountains, I am the stars
Covered by blankets of snow
While I burn, burn way out far
And you watch over the Earth while I get so high
Tell me is it worth it to say good-bye?

Did you learn your lesson?
Did you learn it true?
Will you keep on guessing?
Out of the blue

The gypsy she said to me, “Boy you’re a liar”
“Be who you’re destined to be
And walk through the gate again”
Track Name: Ode to a Woman
Ode to a woman
Skin so sweet
Long red hair
From her head to her feet
Ode to you babe
By the morning light
Take my hand
Take me by surprise

But take it easy baby
I know where you've been
You have captured me
I've captured original sin
Love the way you do it baby
Love the way you roll all night

I don't need no love from you
But I love that girl
With skin so sweet
Long red hair
From her head to her feet
And ode to you baby
Come the morning light
Take my hand
Take me by surprise

But take it easy honey
I don't play no games
Been there before
All it does is drive you insane
But I love the way you rock me baby
And love me every night
But I don't need no love from you
Just need you to be true baby

I don't need no love from you
Just need you to be true baby
I don't need your love machine
Just need you to keep me clean
Track Name: Government Speed
Take a look around your city
What do you see?
Open up your eyes baby
Check out this disease

It's infecting all our children
Raging through the streets
It's happening to common folk, yeah
It's happening to me

Government speed
Stick to the weed
Alright little girl

Walking, talking, wide eyed
Wading through the cliques
And everybody's happy now
That everybody's fixed

There ain't no prosecution lord
Only broken souls
And all the skinny dying people
Fall further down the holes

Of government speed
Oh we'll give you what you need
Lies and deceit

Government speed
Track Name: Lullaby
I saw fire deep inside your eyes
Free yourself from your old disguise
The skies are gray

Take from that what you may
I saw you
You were the only one
To walk the quiet street corners after 1
Hand in hand, breath of cigarettes
Shadow in the moonlight
Still didn't know you yet

Take a photograph baby
So we can remember love
Take a picture darling
And keep it in your heart

‘Cause the winter’s coming and everything’s changing
And I won't be around
I can't feel my feet touch
The cold hard ground

Turn around to face me
Can you replace me?
Don't leave so hastily
Track Name: Ain't No Sunshine
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she's always gone too long
Any time she goes away

And I’m wondering where she's gone
Wonder if she's going to stay
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house don’t seem like home
Anytime she goes away

And I know, I know
Leave the damn kid alone
There ain't no sunshine when she's gone

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It’s just darkness every day
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
She’s always gone too long
Anytime she goes away
Track Name: No Time
Got no time, well I don't got no time
Well I don't got no time for that
Got no time for angels and I got no time for death
It might be boring anyway, still gotta live my life that way
Gotta live it that way

Singing Oh
Don't wanna take no time for another line of work
If I did then I'd drive my mind berserk
Crash my body to the ground
Let’s push that limit, we can't go back

Singing Oh
Oh lord no
I don't got no time, I don't got no time
I don't got no time for that

Got no time, I don't got no time
Well I don't got no time for that

Baby said she loved me but she run away
Always seems to happen, kind of that way
You can never please a woman, never please a man
Even though you're doing, the best you can

Singing oh, oh lord
Oh, oh lord no
I don't got no time, I don't got no time
I don't got no time for that
Got no time
I don't got no time, I don't got no time for that

Well, I'll see you on the other side, baby
Where I know you'll be there to save me
From drowning in my whisky
And my courage
And my faith
Track Name: I'll Be There
Rest assured, rest assured
I will be there when you wake up
Then I gotta fly on home
To my haven in the sky

Rest assured, rest assured
I will be there at the sea shore
Breathe me in, I will fill you up
With that mystic sweet emotion


I'll be there, I'll be there,
Baby, I'll be there
I'll be there, I'll be there,
Baby, I'll be there

When the fires warm your nights
I'll be there
Let the stars be your guiding lights
I'll be there

Take a look into the sky
Can you see me soaring free and high?

When the stars cast diamonds on the sea
Can you see me soaring wild and free?
Track Name: Leaving Home
It's a cold, cold night
In a long and lonely life
The wind’s at my back and the rain’s at my face
I've fallen again

And I need no help
To define myself
And being together
Hasn't happened forever
And you don't deserve me
Are you lonely and tired?
You don't own me
Well our love is expired

Leaving home
Don't know how, don't know when
But you know it's true
You can feel it too
The good lord, he knows
I'm leaving you

Have you traveled in my shoes?
Have you sang and have you screamed the blues?
Have you lived by the bottle
And the mistakes that you've made
And managed to still be brave?

‘Cause I have, without you
I’m leaving now
Got nothing else to lose

I walked for miles and miles in the pouring rain
Took the good lord’s trials
They were all in vain
Done all I could do
Heed the lonely call
Destined to stand, and not to fall

Through it all
Track Name: Freedom
We've all got that feeling
That something has got to change
And nothing worth stealing
Is within our reach anyway

We push every limit
And squander to make our gains
And if you haven't noticed,
Our generation’s here to stay

(Freedom) There’s gotta be a better way
(Freedom) Push that limit again babe
(Freedom) There’s gotta be a better way
(Freedom) And if you haven’t noticed,
This generation’s here to stay

What do they say about truth?
It’s a lie, lie, lie and it’s keeping ‘em standing
The devil stands among our youth
Testing and teasing,with pleasure and treason

While blood runs off the roof
People die, die, die and the jets keep landing
Seems to be a little obtuse, honey
We don't need a reason to sway with the seasons, no!
Track Name: The Standard
Come on now baby
We’re gonna waste this generation now
Or leave it all in the sand
And throw it over our shoulder
And run just anyway we can
And when you look into the mirror
Tell me what do you see?
Hunger and misery
Plaguing this century

And if you don't come now you’re gonna fade away
Come to my world
Baby come to my world
Above the stars
We ain’t going very far
And if you don’t come now we’re gonna fade away

No rest for the wicked
No pain for the old
And no one's really admitting it
They know when your soul is sold
But you don't really care
‘Bout what you do and what you’re gonna say
And no one really understands
On how the stars rule everything
You gotta learn about it
You gotta learn how to live
You gotta dig down deep babe
For something you can give
Track Name: Tonight's Dance
I've learned a lot from life
How it can tear out every stitch
Make a poor man wise
And leave a dumb man rich

People fight and people lie
We all grow old and then we die
We drink too much, we fall apart
Then end right back at the start
That's life, that's life
Just promise you'll dance for me tonight

I've been searching for an answer
One hasn't come along
So many questions to be answered
That cannot be in song

So we dance into the whirlpool
Avoiding rapids on the way
Someone whispers in your ear,
"Life has gone astray"
Track Name: Wild Wild Woman
She's a wild wild woman and she can't be tamed
She's a wild wild woman and she knows everything
‘Bout how to please her man on these lonely streets
She'll take him by the hand and do anything she can

’Cause she's a wild wild woman and she can't be tamed
She's a wild wild woman and she knows everything

She's the kind of girl that your mother warned you about
She'll take you for a ride, she'll make you scream at night
When you get her in your bed, it’s a one time deal
So if you want that girl, man
You’re gonna have to make her squeal

She's a wild wild woman
She can have any man she wants
She's a wild wild woman
And her body, she flaunts it
Don't ya baby?

Get wild baby, wild woman
Wild lady, when the morning comes
Get wild baby, wild woman, oh yeah
Carrying a heavy load
Track Name: Zen Country
You and me are as happy as can be
The moon lights our way
As we fade from day
Take it easy, baby
He ain't got nothing on me

She took my hand
Led me across the land
Looked in my eyes
And said she wanted my love

Do you want me?
Do you need me?
Do you want me?
Oh, do you need me?

She looked me in the eye
I looked across the sky
You know the look a girl gives
When she wants your love

You're my girl
I'd give you the world
But I don't have it
Let's go get it babe
Let’s go!
Track Name: Where Have You Been?
Knock on my back door
Come on in, out of the rain
We can go outside when
The weather decides to tame

So look at me with those eyes
Just want to know, what you've seen
So take off your disguise
All I want to know is

Where have you been?

Your health begins to fade
I've seen it, day by day
And why must you run away
You must know, it's not your fate

Not everything is perfect
In this cruel world we share
And I can only wonder baby
Wonder, as we both stare

So take off your disguise
Come and do it, just for me
I think it would be wise
All I want to know is

Where have you been?

There’s gonna be some rainy days
And that's okay
Sometimes I don't believe in anything

I've watched you run so far
So far and fast away
Watched you fade
Into the rain, oh yeah
Track Name: Union Moon
Travelling space and time
Just to make a dime
Only one thing on her mind
The endless vision

For some a cool smooth spell
For her elusive hell
It's getting hard to tell
Is it a threat?
Is she addicted yet?

The waves they comes in echoes
Shadows on the walls
She sits alone, sweet sadness
And makes the call

I'm going to the Union Moon
Going there soon, so soon
Going to loom, and zoom
From on far, our favourite star

And she's sitting at the truck stop
She's got her lipstick on
Somewhere in the distance
An elusive song

Going to the Union Moon
Going there soon, so soon
Silver spoon, cartoons
Childhood distant

Sad, mad, going to the Union Moon
Going there soon, so soon
Going to zoom and get in tune, baby
From on far, our favourite star
Track Name: Finally Rest by the Sunlight
Finally rest by the sunrise
Finally rest by the sunlight
I am a man who gets
Wild in the night

Take a tip from me
It's not what it seems
It's got an underbelly
However obscene the ride is
We've got to keep it clean
I am not to blame

So take the role of night
Grasp it by your side
Forget the rest
Is it better dead or alive?
In the net of jealousy, lust, and pride
I am not to blame

Fly with the victims
Bird, beast, or man
Take power from the sea and land
Shed greed, pluck it like a plant
I am not to blame

What do they gain from this insane game?
Mutant prophets bargaining their claim
Many monsters, blood leaves a stain
We are all to blame

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